Letting go, inviting in…

Letting go, inviting in…

Letting go, inviting in…

When trees let go of their leaves, they are managing their energy for the months ahead, conserving valuable resources when times are tough. Letting go allows the wind to blow through the tree’s branches, putting less strain on the tree and helping it stay strong and stable through the winter.

Autumn leads by example. It’s OK, in fact it’s necessary, for us to gently let go of things which no longer serve us in order to stay well and nourish the things which will help us move forward and grow in the future.

What will you let go of as we enter in the autumn season?

  1. People-pleasing?

Perhaps you’ll let go of feeling a need to please others when it becomes at our own expense.

Notice when your view of yourself is connected to the way others see you. The need for others to see us in a particular way can be what drives us to put others’ desires above our own.

Ask yourself – what lies behind why I am choosing this course of action? Who is it for? What is my motivation? Checking in with yourself in your body and your mind when you notice the patterns linked to these tendencies can be a good first step in letting go of unnecessarily putting the needs of others ahead of what is important and nourishing for you. 

Seek out instead those connections which are mutual, reliable and nurturing.

When you let go of pleasing-people unnecessarily, what will you invite in instead? What will you choose to nourish?

  1. The story?

Perhaps you’ll let go of the old stories you are holding on to which are comfortable because they are tried and tested but which are not true or helpful. 

What story are you telling yourself about your place in the world? What stories do you hold on to about your value or what you ‘deserve’?

What story will you create instead that leaves you feeling nourished and whole?

  1. Busyness?

Perhaps you’ll let go of being constantly on the go, continuously at the beck and call of social media, emails, calls. Being ‘on’ for too long can leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed and disconnected from the present.

Inviting in mindfulness; slow walks outdoors and activities such as drawing, reading, knitting, music will nourish us as the nights draw in and the weather turns. 

What mindful acts will you incorporate intentionally into this week? This month?

  1. Saying yes?

Perhaps you’ll let go of being the ‘yes’ person you’ve grown comfortable with and find a way to embrace the considered, mindful, boundaried you who can, with utmost compassion for self and others, say ‘not this time’, ‘when I’m ready’ or in fact an 

outright ‘no’.

Where are the opportunities for you to let go of saying yes? 

How will this serve you as you move forward and grow?

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