Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision

Sometimes known as ‘meta-coaching’, coaching supervision is a collaborative learning relationship where a coach is supported by their supervisor to engage in reflective dialogue for the benefit of the coach, their clients and the system more widely.

Or as Julie Hay states, “supervision is the process of helping you to step back from your work so that you can take a meta-perspective or broader view of your practice” (Hay, J. 2008. Reflective Practice & Supervision For Coaches. Open University Press) 


Supervision enables you to:

  • Discuss the emotional and wellbeing aspects of your work, harnessing your resourcefulness and accessing support (Resourcing)
  • Develop your skills and capabilities as a coach (Developmental)
  • Grow your professional practice for example, in relation to quality, standards and ethics (Qualitative)


Working together

My approach to supervision (and coaching) is facilitative, creative and developmental and founded on appreciation and equality.

Together, we will create a reflective space where you can discuss your practice with openness, honesty and safety and which enables you to be at your best with your  clients. I will bring my quality of presence and attention, my integrity and my supervision skills; I invite you to bring your experience, curiosity and commitment.


“Supervision is considered a powerful vehicle for deep learning: its benefits extend beyond the supervisee and include their clients and sponsoring organisations” – The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)



If you would like to discuss supervision more generally for yourself or your organisation, do get in touch.