A  thinking space, open, nurturing, creative;
A place of safety, inspiration, calm, ease;
Somewhere to explore, to refine, to re-group, to decide;
Uncluttered, uninterrupted, unhurried, understood;
Boundaried, contained, held, nourishing;
Connected, grounded, aware;
Without judgement, without ego;
Looking out, looking in, seeing, sensing, here.

What kind of space will work best for you or your team? The physical space where we choose to work has an impact on the learning that happens there. The emotional, cognitive and energetic space we create together, even when the physical space is limited, is where meaning and growth occurs.

What people say…

AD, Senior Manager

North West NHS Foundation Trust

“Claire has provided space for our team to address areas for improvement in a positive and supportive way so that we can become a highly effective team with strategies and tools to enable us to continue working on reaching our full potential going forward. Thank you for your insight, patience and ability to stop and explore when direction was being lost”