I’d looked around at a few coaching programmes and Claire’s instantly appealed when I noticed that she liked to get outside, had a warm and friendly style and their was no great formality from the pictures and words on her website and social media.  I haven’t been disappointed!  Claire is an excellent coach trainer.  I’m not great with traditional death by PowerPoint training sessions and that’s definitely something you won’t get with Claire.  Her warm and approachable nature makes even approaching the assignments seem doable – and I HATE assignments.  I love Claire’s approach so much that I’ve completed (and passed) my ILM5 with her and come back for more.  I’m now taking the ILM7 which I’m absolutely loving and would highly recommend and it feels like the fundamentals of ILM5 have been so well embedded through the training I’ve already received that the ILM7 is actually now just adding more quality and content to my coaching style.  We get outside, we eat great food, we’re in a supportive and nurturing peer support group.  I’m enjoying it immensely.  Claire also stands out from others as she has continual ongoing opportunties to upskill or burrow more into areas of interest through the Coaching Collective, additional coach CPD days and her outdoor coaching sessions.  If you’re thinking of coach training and want a fresh, supportive, engaging trainer Claire might just be your woman.  I love her style that much I’ve even commissioned her time to design and deliver some brilliant training for our social enterprise leaders community.  It was excellent as I expected too 😊 – Simone Callaghan, The Goodness Collective

I so appreciate my time on the programme and am excited for what lies ahead. I really hope that you are happy to keep in touch when the programme is finished and I would like to try to continue as part of the Coaching Collective – Carmen Clarke, Khai Tzedek

I have waited a long time to be able to do this course with Claire. I’m so glad that I did that rather than jumping onto something I might have been able to do sooner, but wouldn’t have enjoyed as much. Thank you Claire – Rosie Thompson, Exscientia

Claire led my ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring programme and I’d known her for 18 months prior to taking part in the course. She helped give me an understanding of what coaching was and how it could fit into my business helping people in the pet industry with visibility. Having a background in journalism and having taken so many marketing courses, I felt being a coach would be a huge asset for my clients. Working with Claire has been incredible. The personal development journey that the ILM course took me on (which I did not expect!) has been life changing.

Claire is so patient and supportive and gave additional time to help with my assignments and instilled in me the self belief that I could be a coach. For anyone thinking of working with Claire, particularly as part of the CCCC, she is incredible and I know this community will be such a supportive and inspiring space for coaches, particularly as a newly qualified one myself.  I know with her knowledge and connections in the coaching world it will an invaluable programme to be part of, and Claire’s warmth and kindness will help members thrive – Rachel Spencer,

I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire as a coach and mentor training facilitator.  Claire adopts a co-design approach to align the programme with the broader needs of the organisation.  The result has been an effective programme which has fully engaged the attendees as evidenced by the positive feedback and increase in coaching activity.

Claire has supported our organisation to develop coaching and mentoring training.  Claire has always maintained a professional, calm, friendly approach she is very attentive to client requirements and will adapt her approach in response to changing needs.

We have co-designed training and teaching programmes, and Claire has shown herself adaptable to the changing needs of the organisation.  The end result has been an impactful coaching programme  which has produced confident, high-quality coaches – Rachael Rogers; East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Claire on numerous occasions, and I’ve also enrolled in several of her courses. Claire’s facilitation and coaching abilities are exceptional. She also has a unique talent for inclusive teaching, creating a perfect balance of pace and engagement. Being in Claire’s company is consistently inspiring and enjoyable, regardless of the context! Claire Bown, Founder, Thinking Museum

I’m close to completing the ILM 7 Claire facilitates and I’ve loved Claires training. The venue she uses is gorgeous. She uses the outside spaces and local area well as alternative learning spaces, which was a great way for me to learn. The content draws from an eclectic range of approaches with rich learning. It’s a level 7 and a big commitment, but I have found the support from Claire and the others on the course invaluable. Beth Hughes, Your Space

Undertaking the L7 ILM executive coaching award with Claire has been one of the most transformational learning experiences of my last ten years. I give anyone my unreserved and complete recommendation to do so.
Her own coaching practice is clearly stellar – apparent from the coaching she provided supporting me through the often demanding learning journey. Drew Carroll, An Turas Consulting

I had the pleasure of getting to know Claire during my ILM 7 qualification, which she offers as part of her coaching business. Claire is inclusive, generous, open to feedback and carries her vast wealth of knowledge and experience lightly. I can highly recommend Claire for her Coaching skills. Jana Kennedy, Coach & Facilitator