Outdoor Coach coaching cards: share your ideas!

Outdoor Coach coaching cards: share your ideas!

Outdoor Coach coaching cards: share your ideas!

Let’s use this space to inspire one another! How have you used the Outdoor Coach coaching cards?


  • Did you take them outdoors with you for inspiration?


  • Or were you indoors or online and wanted to invite nature into your explorations?


  • How did you select the card or cards you used?


  • What was the context for using the cards?


  • Was it 1-1 to explore ideas, direction or insights with a client or a team member?


  • Did you use them in a business context?


  • To bring groups or teams together to explore their thinking and connectedness?


  • Or maybe it was to enhance your own reflective practice? A few of the coaching cards with photographs and quesions

Please share your stories and photographs in the comments below. I know we would all love to be inspired!


2 thoughts on “Outdoor Coach coaching cards: share your ideas!”

  1. Julia says:

    Really enjoyed using these. A great set of prompts and insightful questions. I think next time, I’ll ask the client to choose a theme (IE movement, growth, space) from the cards, encouraging them to think about their goal whilst doing so and then I’ll focus on using those questions in a clean way in the outdoor coaching session.

  2. Claire says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, Julia. I love the thought of connecting the cards to your clients goal!

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