The Outdoor Coach Coaching Cards

The Outdoor Coach coaching cards offer a powerful way to connect with nature, inspire creative conversations and deepen personal reflection.

You can use the cards for:

  • Starting conversations e.g. with colleagues, collaborators or friends
  • Exploring ideas and generating new thinking
  • Personal reflection
  • 1-1 or group coaching
  • Journaling prompts
  • Forming meaningful connections with others
  • Inviting perspective
  • Working creatively


You could:

  1. Place the cards picture side up on a flat surface and ask your coachee, ‘which image or images are you drawn to’? Invite them to reflect on the corresponding questions.
  2. Keep the cards on your desk and turn over a new picture each day, asking yourself the coaching question and journaling your response.
  3. As a team, choose a card each and discuss the question in relation to the team as a whole. What have you discovered together?
  4. What questions arise when you look at the photographs left blank? How will you respond?

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