Coaching Outdoors

Shhhh….the secret!

Have you ever tied yourself up in knots with an issue because of over-thinking? Or experienced ‘analysis-paralysis’ where you’re unable to move forwards with your plans? And have you ever noticed that just by adopting a new perspective, we can unlock possibilities and find our way to excellent results?

The beauty of working outdoors is that our surroundings can help us re-frame and unlock our thoughts. We broaden and deepen our understanding and become more creative; we see things which previously might have been hidden and step beyond the things which made us feel stuck. We feel able to go further than we did before or become more courageous. And, because our senses are stimulated by our surroundings, become more attuned to what is really going on within ourselves.

Coaching outdoors can make a real difference to the quality of our thinking and to the outcomes we choose.

What to expect

There are fabulous opportunities for working with the metaphors an outdoor space presents to us, whether that’s the trees, water, sounds, sensations, the flowers or the paths. Expect to draw on what is around you to enhance how you work; nature may well become a second coach!

Equally, urban settings present countless opportunities to draw inspiration from signs, settings, colour, buildings and street furniture. We will walk gently, sit, stop – whatever works best for you. And you’ll know during the coaching session what is going to work best. There are lots of possibilities – close to where you live or work. Have a think before the session what appeals – do you want openness or the protection of trees, for example? From there, we can find a suitable location.


Like all coaching sessions, it is useful to consider beforehand what you’d like to gain from the session. What has changed since last time we met? How are you moving towards your goals? What would you like to get from the session? What will be different when it has gone well? Do you have any health needs it would be useful for me to know about?

What to bring

Bring sturdy shoes/boots and warm clothing. It can be colder than you think being outdoors for an hour or more! A notebook, pen or similar may also be useful. And money for the café if you intend to treat yourself to cake at the end!


There are lots of opportunities for outdoor coaching in Greater Manchester, from city parks to country walks to hills, reservoirs or more urban settings. We’ll work together to find somewhere that will enhance your coaching experience and make a real impact for you.

For coaches: feel confident to take your coaching outdoors

If you are a coach and would like to find out more about how I can support you to take your practice more outdoors, why not come along to our September Retreat at Brockholes Nature Reserve? 


We offer training for coaches who would like to take their coaching practise outdoors.


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