Could this be a turning point?

Could this be a turning point?

Could this be a turning point?

We’ve made it through the darkest months for now and that does feel significant today!

Does it feel like change is coming?

Today is Imbolc in the Celtic tradition – halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It’s a time when I find my gaze beginning to shift towards the light, the warmth to come, the potential colour and vibrancy of spring. Not so much hunkered down but unfurling and opening.

Here are a few reflective question for Imbolc I thought I’d share:

  • Where will you choose to place your gaze and your attention for the coming weeks?
  • How will you open up your thinking to what lies ahead?
  • Over the last few weeks, what are you grateful for? How will you take this forward into the next phase of the year?
  • How will you celebrate yourself and how you’ve come to this space, now?
  • How will you choose to experience this and other transitions?
  • What do you know from this place, in between?
  • And what difference does that make?

Perhaps you’d like to share your answers to come of the reflective questions with me or share the questions with someone you think would enjoy them. You might also like to join me for some of our workshops and learnings this year. They’re always filled with wonderful, friendly people, elements of nature and the outdoors and lots of curiosity and calm!

Enjoy the lighter mornings (where I am, sunrise is now before 8am!) if you can and the longer evenings too. And if you have enjoyed this post, I would love you to subscribe to my newsletter, Consciously Connected!