Great expectations…

Great expectations…

Great expectations…

What can I expect from a coaching and mentoring programme?

This is a question I’ve been very happy to answer a few times this week.


Photograph of Claire Bradshaw sitting on a step outdoors smiling


  • Of course, there’s gaining knowledge about coaching/mentoring and a coaching approach – the theory, context, models etc.
  • There’s gaining skills – a range of them including listening with exquisite attention, asking powerful questions, reflecting back what’s been said (verbally, non-verbally, what’s not been said even), holding silence and space for deep enquiry..
  • There’s connecting with self and self-awareness through reflective practice and feedback – people always discover a lot about themselves on coaching programmes!


  • There’s exploring ethics and how we work with and relate to our clients
  • And of course, confidence and overall competence in the field of coaching and mentoring.

There’s a healthy balance of support and challenge, an awful lot of reflection and learning and and a good dose of fun and playfulness!

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Photo credit: Roscoe Rutter