Consciously Connected Coaching Masterclass Series

As a new or experienced coach, you may be looking to deepen and extend your experience and explore different approaches within your practice. The Consciously Connect Coaching Masterclass Series offers you an opportunity to work with some exceptional coaches in their field of expertise.

All workshops will be from 9.30am – 12.30pm using Zoom. Expect interaction, exploration and deep learning; bring curiosity, an open heart and mind and your own brilliance.

Mindfulness For Coaches

12th October 2022

If you’ve asked how could Mindfulness approaches transform your coaching and mentoring conversations and relationships this Masterclass will offer you the opportunity to experience for yourself it’s potential impact. Combining theory with led Mindfulness practices, reflection and discussion you will be clear and confident about applying Mindfulness in your life and with your clients.

This masterclass is for anyone who mindfully adopts a coaching approach to conversations, whether as a coach, mentor, teacher, leader or parent holding coaching conversations with others.

What you can expect

  • An introduction to Mindfulness and the evidence base of its impact for individuals, the workplace and in coaching
  • Guided Mindfulness practices
  • Practical coaching conversations exploring the impact of Mindfulness
  • Signposting for more information
Taravandana Lupson

Taravandana Lupson

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Self-care for Coaches

8th November 2022

This interactive workshop will provide a space where coaches can take the time out to reflect on their own self-care, supported by an OD/Wellbeing Specialist to learn share and experience insights, tools and techniques for improving your self-care practice and overall wellbeing.

As Coaches, we often spend a lot of time helping others, holding space for others to explore, learn and grow and this can often extend out into the rest of our lives. This will be a reflective, creative and interactive space to focus on you and to experience mindful and thought-provoking discussion and learning, with the opportunity to come away with clear self-care commitments and tools to support you.

What you can expect

We’ll explore why is self-care so important as coaches and why taking an holistic wellbeing approach is beneficial to us and others. There will be an opportunity to share insights on our drivers, patterns, understanding the challenges (what gets in the way) and an exercise to reflect on our own current practice. We’ll take a mindful walk with purpose and share strategies, tips, enablers and tools for improving self-care practice.

Previous Masterclasses

Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment for Coaches

7th July 2022

Building on Rob’s Introduction to Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, this session will give attention to our one to one interactions and how to create an environment to support quality thinking time. If you are curious about how the work of Nancy Kline can enhance your 1-1 interactions as a coach, leader, teacher, or parent, there is something useful for you in this workshop

What you can expect

  • To (re) connect with a Thinking Environment
  • Explore generative attention; the impact of transformative listening
  • Examine in practice how limiting beliefs impact on our thinking
  • To build incisive questions in service of others

Inclusive Coaching

29th June 2022

As coaches we will often be working with clients different from ourselves in terms of gender, geography, race, religion, age, ability, appearance, class, culture, ethnicity, education, employment, sexuality, sexual orientation, and spirituality. How do we approach this? How can we adapt our practice to include everyone?

In this workshop we will explore what inclusive coaching is, and how it differs from traditional coaching? What are the challenges and how do we make ourselves more self-aware of our own biases?

What you can expect

This introductory workshop will be interactive, and you will be able to explore what inclusive coaching is, examine how you can make yourself more aware of your own biases and see how thinking about the differences in people can improve your coaching practice.

  • We’ll examine a model of inclusive coaching and how and why it can differ from other coaching models
  • What biases (e.g. personal biases, stereotypes, prejudices, etc.) can you or others have and how to they impact you and your client
  • Examples of good questions for inclusive coaching

Coaching Outdoors in a Nutshell

26th April 2022

If you’ve wondered how being outdoors can transform your 1-1 coaching conversations, this masterclass will provide you with a useful mix of theory and practice so you leave with an approach you can easily understand and put into practice.

This masterclass is for anyone who mindfully adopts a coaching approach to conversations, whether as a coach, mentor, teacher, leader or parent holding coaching conversations with others.

We know from our own experience that conversations outdoors are different to those in an office or a classroom and that they bring benefits relating to wellbeing, insight, perspective, ambition and action.

What you can expect

We will explore what we notice for ourselves when we step outside and how the outdoors can affect our ‘state’. We’ll consider, contracting, to work outdoors and practical considerations you might want to make as well as how inviting nature in to our conversations can yield powerful results. There is the option to join the Zoom workshop from indoors or outside.

Claire Bradshaw

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Introduction to Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment

17th March 2022

In this masterclass, we will explore together the content and structure of the ten components of the Thinking Environment. We shall see the power of thinking and where it can take us when we are being truly listened to. We will practically apply the four building block applications and have the opportunity to work in Thinking Pairs, Rounds and Open Discussion. We will also discover how to transform meetings and working with groups using a Thinking Environment.

What you can expect

This small, online, group workshop will be interactive and enable you to understand and explore Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment with others. Some pre-work will be provided, followed by the slides after the session as a memory aid.

Coaching in the Wild: Using a clean approach when things feel stuck

Friday 11th February 2022

In some coaching sessions and on some days you may feel absolutely at your best as a coach. And as we are also human, there will be times when things happen which change your state. These things can be internal – how you are feeling in that moment, and external, how for example, your client is showing up. As we know mind and body are interconnected and what affects one affects the other.

Jackie recently has had some experiences where people made great demands of her and those demands were based on the client/coachee expectations of what she would do for them. By keeping a Clean Stance, asking Clean questions and using some models, Jackie was able to get to good or great outcomes with the clients taking responsibility for themselves.

Who is this session for?

The session is for all coaches who want to explore how to use clean approaches to be at their best for themselves and for their clients

  • Perhaps, in the moment, you are stuck with a client?
  • Maybe your client is presenting in a way which means you don’t necessarily know how to respond or is outside of your experience or comfort zone (think neuro difference)
  • Perhaps you are feeling a responsibility to rescue or are working too hard?

The content for this session is fluid. We will certainly be using Clean Language questions and Clean Set up, and  other models will emerge on the day depending on what comes up in the group.

What you can expect

  • Some written resources to take away
  • Plenty of practice
  • A collaborative experience and plenty of facilitate discussion

Jackie Lawlor

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