Self-care for coaches

Self-care for coaches

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Self-care for coaches

Consciously Connected Masterclass Series: workshop with Naomi Dake

8th November 2022 9:30am – 12:30pm via Zoom

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This interactive workshop will provide a space where coaches can take the time out to reflect on their own self-care, supported by an OD/Wellbeing Specialist to learn share and experience insights, tools and techniques for improving your self-care practice and overall wellbeing.

As Coaches, we often spend a lot of time helping others, holding space for others to explore, learn and grow and this can often extend out into the rest of our lives. This will be a reflective, creative and interactive space to focus on you and to experience mindful and thought-provoking discussion and learning, with the opportunity to come away with clear self-care commitments and tools to support you.

What you can expect

We’ll explore why is self-care so important as coaches and why taking an holistic wellbeing approach is beneficial to us and others. There will be an opportunity to  share insights on our drivers, patterns, understanding the challenges (what gets in the way) and an exercise to reflect on our own current practice. We’ll take a mindful walk with purpose and share strategies, tips, enablers and tools for improving self-care practice.