We work with a fabulous team of associates who bring breadth and depth to what we offer.

Rob Booth

Rob has a passion for working with leaders to reflect and build on their levels of influence and to develop a mindset of empowerment and improvement from top to bottom of organisations.

His 20 years’ experience includes leading on a wide range of development programmes for leaders at all levels of organisations, with a particular focus on delivering work that is meaningful to the participant and adds real value.

Rob works as an Executive Coach and Mentor across the UK. Qualified in MBTI, FIRO B and motivational interviewing amongst others, Rob uses creative approaches to complement his style, helping people thrive in their roles and achieve their full potential.

Rob lectures on different academic programmes including the MBA, Masters and PG Certificate and also works in consultative roles with private, public and third sectors organisations.

Naomi Dake

Naomi is a certified life coach, with a background in organisational development, leadership development, HR and change management across multiple sectors and industries. Naomi works with individuals 1:1 and small groups, to support people through personal development, self-discovery and growth to enable them to live happy, fulfilled and authentic lives. Through her own personal experience, she has a keen interest in wellbeing, mindfulness and therapeutic coaching and is passionate about helping others to improve their own holistic health and wellbeing. Her website is

Lisa Jeskins

Lisa is a trainer, coach and consultant. She is passionate about professional development and helping people to reach their potential. She loves designing and delivering interactive, memorable learning experiences and strives to ensure that she creates an encouraging and supportive learning space. She provides training on a variety of different subjects including resilience and change, presentation skills, train the trainer, moving into management and customer service. She has an ILM7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and is an accredited Belbin facilitator. Her website is

Jackie Lawlor

Jackie is a highly experienced Executive Coach and Mentor and Facilitator, specialising in Clean Language and Systemic Modelling.

Jackie came to Clean Language in 2013 as part of an NLP course and initially thought the questions were ridiculous! It was only when using the questions to model exemplars for her desired outcome that she realised the difference the questions were making.

Jackie is an accredited Level 1 Systemic Modeller (Systemic Modelling is Clean for Teams), and is a regular contributor at Metaphorum which celebrates all things Clean. Her website is

Taravandana Lupson

Taravandana Lupson

Taravandana has been practising and teaching Mindfulness for 34 years, within the Buddhist tradition and as an accredited secular Mindfulness Trainer. She is also a highly experienced Executive Coach, Leadership and Wellbeing Trainer and Facilitator having spent 34 years working within the NHS. She is passionate about enabling people across all sectors to reach their potential and aspirations as human beings and to have fulfilling, contented and creative lives. 

Taravandana creates safe and encouraging learning spaces that support relaxation, greater self-awareness and confidence combining Mindfulness and Coaching approaches