Inclusive Coaching

Inclusive Coaching

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Inclusive Coaching

Consciously Connected Masterclass Series: workshop  with Lisa Jeskins

29th June 2022

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As coaches we will often be working with clients different from ourselves in terms of gender, geography, race, religion, age, ability, appearance, class, culture, ethnicity, education, employment, sexuality, sexual orientation, and spirituality. How do we approach this? How can we adapt our practice to include everyone?

In this workshop we will explore what inclusive coaching is, and how it differs from traditional coaching? What are the challenges and how do we make ourselves more self-aware of our own biases?

What you can expect

This introductory workshop will be interactive, and you will be able to explore what inclusive coaching is, examine how you can make yourself more aware of your own biases and see how thinking about the differences in people can improve your coaching practice.

  • We’ll examine a model of inclusive coaching and how and why it can differ from other coaching models
  • What biases (e.g. personal biases, stereotypes, prejudices, etc.) can you or others have and how to they impact you and your client
  • Examples of good questions for inclusive coaching