Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment for Coaches

Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment for Coaches

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Transformative listening and incisive questions

Consciously Connected Masterclass Series: workshop with Rob Booth

7th July 2022 9:30am – 12:30pm via Zoom

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Building on Rob’s Introduction to Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, this session will give attention to our 1-1 interactions and how to create an environment to support quality thinking time. If you are curious about how the work of Nancy Kline can enhance your 1-1 interactions as a coach, leader, teacher or parent, there is something useful for you in this workshop.

What you can expect

• To (re) connect with a Thinking Environment
• Explore generative attention; the impact of transformative listening
• Examine in practice how limiting beliefs impact on our thinking
• To build incisive questions in service of others