Coaching outdoors in a nutshell

Coaching outdoors in a nutshell

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Coaching Outdoors in a nutshell

Consciously Connected Masterclass Series: workshop  with Claire Bradshaw

26th April 2022 9:30am – 12:30pm via Zoom

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If you’ve wondered how being outdoors can transform your 1-1 coaching conversations, this masterclass will provide you with a useful mix of theory and practice so you leave with an approach you can easily understand and put into practice.

This masterclass is for anyone who mindfully adopts a coaching approach to conversations, whether as a coach,  mentor, teacher, leader or parent holding coaching conversations with others.

We know from our own experience that conversations outdoors are different to those in an office or a classroom and that they bring benefits relating to wellbeing, insight, perspective, ambition and action.

What you can expect

We will explore what we notice for ourselves when we step outside and how the outdoors can affect our ‘state’. We’ll consider ,contracting, to work outdoors and practical considerations you might want to make as well as how inviting nature in to our conversations can yield powerful results. There is the option to join the Zoom workshop from indoors our outside.