A reflective guide for the year

A reflective guide for the year

A reflective guide for the year

How are you feeling as 2023 draws to a close?

Relieved? Optimistic? Motivated? Excited? Overwhelmed?

December and January aren’t always the most natural times to plan for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like hunkering down with pretty lights, blankets and a fire but finding the energy and momentum to consider the future (a whole 12 months of it) often feels daunting and exhausting! I’m naturally more of a spring planner or a September one. That’s when my plans take shape and I feel sufficiently ambitious to invite stretch and optimism into my year.

Photograph of Claire seated in the entrance door of her white campervan holding a cup of tea and smiling

Having said that, I absolutely appreciate the benefits that reflection, mindfulness and being intentional bring in the wintertime: feeling grateful even amid extreme difficulties, learning from and appreciating our journeys, honouring our connections and being present.  

My gentle guide invites you to reflect on the year gone by, acknowledge what is present for you now and consider how you may wish to shape 2024.

  • What inspired you in 2023?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • Where will you focus your energy in 2024?
  • How will you create and communicate your boundaries?

These are just a taste of the 17 questions and reflective exercise included. You can download it here and if you’re interested in staying in touch, subscribe to my Consciously Connected newsletter.

Wishing you a peace and joy for the new year.