Online workshops

…for wellbeing and resilience

This series of online workshops provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to engage with a range of quality resources and approaches which support their wellbeing.

Each workshops invites group participation and the sharing of ideas and experiences alongside engagement with recognised models and strategies.

Written resources accompany each online workshop and support further learning and exploration after the facilitated session.


Workshops include:

  • Looking after yourself: personal resilience while working remotely

This session is for anyone adjusting to working differently during the current situation and provides practical insights and tips to understand, build and maintain personal resilience. Content includes looking at change and wellbeing, mindfulness, thinking patterns, control and support networks.

  • Looking after others: supporting colleagues 1-1

This session is useful for anyone supporting others 1-1s, whether they’re a colleague from another part of the Trust or wider organisation or within your own team, while working remotely. We’ll explore how to listen well even from a screen and offer a coaching approach to conversations while staying well ourselves.
  • Leading resilient teams

This session is useful for leaders who would like to foster resilience and wellbeing in their team during this time of working remotely. It includes discussion of some key models as well as some practical input to help team leaders focus on building trust, developing team ‘belonging’ and a sense of purpose and addressing universal psychological needs.
  • Harnessing and maintaining motivation for yourself and others

This session is useful for individuals and leaders who have recognized that energy levels and motivation have been impacted by remote working through the Covid-19 pandemic. It will reference recognized models to help participants develop insight and strategies to boost and retain motivation without falling into the ‘toxic productivity’ trap.
  • Moving forward with purpose

This session is useful for anyone wanting to take some time to reflect on their experiences since ‘lockdown’ and find a purposeful and resourceful way forward, drawing on learning, strengths and values and tapping into creativity and a growth mindset.
We would love to talk to you about your needs and ideas and design online learning specifically for you. Please do get in touch to arrange a chat.

What people say:

I was sceptical about an online zoom training session, but I thought it was thoroughly engaging and superbly facilitated…. it’s made me feel reinvigorated and motivated in a time where it has been hard to be optimistic.

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