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What people say…

YJ, John Rylands Library

University of Manchester

“Claire brings her strengths as a coach to her work – listening, facilitating, drawing thoughts out of people, and summarising findings. She uses a range of very powerful techniques for this, but the strongest I found was her ability to settle a group really quickly into trusting her and buying into the work she’s been asked to do. I can’t stress enough how invaluable this specific skill is in a consultant. It enables a time-strapped group to quickly become efficient in unearthing and tackling issues – which is the essence of great project management itself. Her style is informal, friendly and inquisitive, and essentially really caring – and this encourages teams to trust and engage.

Claire’s strength is in drawing out really deeply-felt opinions; assessing how widely held they are, working on understanding them, and providing ideas for solutions.”

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Claire Bradshaw