Getting started with Coaching and Mentoring: 17th May 2024

Getting started with Coaching and Mentoring: 17th May 2024

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Introduction to Coaching

17th May 2024 – 10am – 1pm via Zoom 

This 3-hour online workshop will provide you with the confidence, skills and understanding to have powerful coaching and mentoring conversations



When was the last time you were listened to really well?

I mean, without interruption?

Without judgement?

Without someone telling you what to do and offering unsolicited advice?

When were you last afforded that luxury?

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to recall a time, go back to that conversation in your mind and remember the impact it had for you on your thinking, your feelings and your actions.

What do you notice?

This is the magic at the very heart of coaching and mentoring.

We create that magic for others by choosing how we show up to the conversations we have, how we choose to listen and what we choose to ask (and perhaps not ask).

A short introduction to the skills and underpinning ideas associated with coaching and mentoring can have a powerful and positive impact on your relationships both at home and at work, on performance, on value and esteem and on learning and personal insight.

As a manager, business owner, consultant, colleague, teacher or friend, coaching is an accessible way to bring magic into your own life and the lives of those you work with.

Come dabble in a little coaching and mentoring magic at our next ‘getting started with coaching and mentoring’ workshop and find out more!

This workshop is for you if you are:

* A Leader or Manager – who wants to develop others, build a great team and positively change behaviour and culture at work

* A Consultant – who wants to ensure you enhance your effectiveness and create results that stick

* A Facilitator, Teacher or Trainer – who wants to engage meaningfully with your students and inspire sustainable learning

* A career changer – looking to find out more about coaching and build a foundation to become an accredited coach

* A Business Owner – who would like to engage with your team and your clients more effectively

Adopting a coaching and mentoring approach will increase your effectiveness, unlock potential and bring innovation and creativity to your work.

What to expect

This is an online, interactive workshop hosted on Zoom.

What we will cover

* What coaching and mentoring are (and are not)

* How coaching and mentoring bring benefits to leaders, businesses and teams

* The key elements of a coaching and mentoring approach

* Examples of coaching and mentoring in practice

* Questions and answers

Date and time

17 May 2024 – 10am – 1pm via Zoom – Free – you will still need to reserve a space so I can send you the joining instructions and accompanying workbook!