The value of creativity

The value of creativity

The value of creativity

I facilitated a workshop this week for a team wishing to identify and understand their values. The session was full of energy, collaboration and reflection. We delighted in the process of discovery and co-operation and welcomed in the outcomes. Creativity was one of the values identified by the team. Creativity as a value; the value of creativity. What difference will being able to live that value at work bring to them and their clients?

For the team, creativity brings innovation, it brings openness and spark; it enables people to embrace originality and make unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas; it encourages activity which traverses boundaries and a spirit of collaboration, experimentation and curiosity; it heightens engagement and brings people in. They can’t imagine living and working without it.

The session was a short and there’s more to explore, more to understand: What does creativity look like, sound like, feel like day-to-day in their place of work? What are the related behaviours? How can creativity be nurtured and developed? How will it make a difference to their experience of work and to the people who access their services?

Creativity matters.

Whether you’re starting out on a new venture or want to inject something new into a long-standing project, whether creativity comes easy or feels like a struggle, if you want to bring more spark, more innovation, more connection into your work and your life, there is value in creativity. Creativity is valuable. Valuing creativity makes sense.

To join us for our 1-day Creativity and Connection workshop on 5th April, sign-up using our events page here. Thank you.

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